Listing with us

Wicks and Co Agencies are committed to marketing your property for sale to sell. There are a couple of things that you should take into consideration when thinking of selling your property.

1. The Price of you Property

There are many factors that influence the price of your property as it is important to set a realistic price and expectation for the property. Properties which are priced within the market sell. At the end of the day the Buyer determines the price of all products including Real Estate, the best way to gauge how much your property is worth is to look at other properties which have SOLD in the area which are similar.

There are some factors which have absolutely no bearing on the price of the property these include

i. How much you paid for the property

ii. How much improvements have cost you?

iii. What the agent would like to achieve for you

iv. Or how much you need to get.

The most important factor is “the current Market Conditions” which can be determined by looking at what other properties are FOR SALE right now.

Other properties that are FOR SALE are essentially your competition. So How does your property compare?

What is the condition of the property? How is it presented? And what are some of the features of the property such as location and position.

2. Presentation of your Property

Money and time spent on presentation can have huge impacts on the marketability of your property. Creating a tidy property with neat roads, fences, sheds and tidy homestead appearance enhances the appeal of the property. This may provide an edge against other similar properties to yours that are currently on the market.

First impressions are very important!

Call the team at Wicks and Co Agencies today to book an appraisal of your property. We would love to hear from you.